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Greater Nashville Geothermal Projects

Project 1- Bellevue

This Bellevue project was built on a hill limiting the amount of drilling space. However, we were able to utilize the driveway to drill three 300ft wells spaced 20ft apart.

Project 2- Brentwood

We installed three geothermal split systems to heat and cool this residence in Brentwood. Unlike conventional systems, geothermal units can be place inside the crawl space extending the life of the systems. No more unsightly eyesores to shrub around either!

Project 3- Franklin

This Franklin project had four geothermal systems and needed five geothermal wells to properly heat and cool the residence. As you can see the drilling can create a mess from the "cuttings" or rock deposits left over from the actual drilling process. Typically these are used in the trenching process to allow and smooth bed for the geothermal pipes to lie in. After some light grading the yard is ready to be landscaped.

Project 4- Nashville

This is one of our renovation projects which are quite common. The homeowner chose to convert from conventional to geothermal systems when they purchased their home. It is fairly simple to complete this process for anyone renovating or needing a replacement. From the pictures you can see the drill rig size in proportion to the house. You also get a feel for how close we are able to drill near a home.

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