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CES Maintenance Agreements

Preventative Maintenance

To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. All of your heating and cooling systems should be included in a regular inspection and maintenance program.

Benefits for our Maintenance Customers:

  • Increased efficiency and lowered utility bills
  • Priority customer service and 24 hour emergency service
  • Extends equipment life
  • Guarantee against breakdowns or the service call is free!
  • 10% discount on all repairs, including labor
  • 5% discount on new replacement equipment

What does our Maintenance Agreement include?

  • Clean air conditioning coils for efficient operation
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Lubricate and inspect all motors
  • Flush condensate drains to prevent clogging
  • Check all electrical connections and terminals
  • Seal air leaks at unit
  • Test capacitor output
  • Install sanitizing chlorine tablets in condensate drain pain
  • Clean and inspect heat exchanger for cracks to ensure safety
  • Clean burners, adjust flame and inspect flue pipe
  • Ensure operation of all safety controls
  • Test electric heat operation
  • Check water pressure and temperature in geothermal field loop
  • Check Carbon Monoxide levels
  • Clean and calibrate thermostats
  • Check for any furnace gas leaks for safety

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